The World Ballet Art Competition (WBAC) Grand Prix at Gateway Theatre Black Box on 01st June 2018.

Congratulations to all participants & winners.

  • Contemporary Category B – 3rd Place: Liew Huilin Jamie
  • Contemporary Category C – 3rd Place: Tng Qian Hui
  • Contemporary Category D – 2nd Place: Tan Wei Lin Cheryl

On a side note, the World Ballet Art Competition (WBAC) Grand Prix Singapore 2018 is also an initiative by our Principal, Ms Lang Ley who has brought the prestigious competition into Singapore with the hope of raising the awareness and quality of ballet competition in the region.

The World Ballet Art Competition Grand Prix is a Premier Canadian International Ballet Competition and one of the most prestigious cultural events. It aims to promote the art of ballet, connect young dancers from different cultural backgrounds, and give potential stars a chance to shine.

This year, the competition welcomed participants from Singapore, Thailand and China with almost 100 participants across all solos and groups.