Competition Training

Aim for dance excellence through Elevate Dance Academie’s competition training. This dance extension prepares qualified dancers to compete at prestigious international dance competitions in Hong Kong, Singapore, Jakarta, Canada, Kuala Lumpur, and more. Undertake rigorous training to build unmatched technique and stamina. Our choreographers will create dynamic competition routines to showcase your talents. As a team, rehearse for hours to achieve precision and synergy. Competition Training will elevate your skills and mental focus to the highest level. Perform on the global stage against the world’s best young dancers. If you have the dedication required of a competitor, join Elevate Dance Academie to uncover your full potential.


Hong Kong

Kuala Lumpur



Vienna, Austria

Join our Winning Dance Team

Eager to perform on a winning dance team through rehearsals, bonding, and growing together as a tight-knit dance unit? If you have a passion for dance and strive for excellence, do sign up to join our award-winning competitive dance training!