Contemporary is a style of expressive dance and adopts free movement, by combining elements of classical ballet and modern dance in an abstract, break-free, non-strict techniques and interpretative presentation.

Using various and simultaneous actions, it conveys emotions to the audience through body movements and deep breath to present an incredible and fluid performance.

Contemporary dance offers dancers the opportunity to be physically and emotionally challenged as new work often practice and encourage experimentation.

Suitable for boys and girls age 11 and above.

What is Contemporary Dance and why it's gaining popularity?

Understanding the Dance Genre: Contemporary

Contemporary dance, a genre of dance that emerged in the mid-20th century, is a unique blend of classical ballet, modern dance, and various other dance techniques. Unlike the strict, structured nature of classical ballet, contemporary dance encourages fluid, free movement, and innovative choreography. These features allow each dancer to interpret and perform routines in their own unique style, making it a favoured dance genre amongst both beginner and experienced dancers.

The Rise of Contemporary Dance in Singapore

Singapore, a bustling hub of cultural diversity, has seen a significant rise in the popularity of contemporary dance. Dance studios in Singapore, like Elevate Dance Academie, have played a critical role in promoting this genre of dance. Open classes and dance courses focused on contemporary dance have attracted many Singaporeans, as they offer a fun way to learn dance techniques while fostering a diverse dance community.

Why Singaporeans are choosing contemporary dance classes

Contemporary dance classes in Singapore are a great way for individuals to express themselves and stay fit at the same time. With a focus on creativity, improvisation, and the freedom of movement, the classes are appealing to many adults looking to develop a new skill. Furthermore, choreography in contemporary dance is often driven by storytelling, allowing dancers to connect more deeply with their performances.

Critical Benefits of Taking Contemporary Dance Classes in Elevate Dance Academie
Upskilling in the dance genre: contemporary dance

Elevate Dance Academie in Singapore offers dance classes spanning from beginner to intermediate levels. The experienced instructors at the dance studio foster an engaging and supportive environment that allows individuals to develop their contemporary dance skills steadily. Whether you are a novice stepping into the dance studio for the first time or an experienced dancer, there is always something new to learn and perfect at Elevate Dance Academie.

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