Classical Ballet

Our Classical Ballet courses help improves body posture, coordination and agility while at the same time develop discipline and resilience. Dancers aim to achieve expressive quality of movement as well as body toning and secure muscle development.

The traditional style of ballet includes a well-structured, strict and meticulous technique like pointe work, turnout and high extensions. It also provides the basic foundation for many other dances such as modern, jazz, lyrical or contemporary. The formalised nature in which this art was developed means that it has strict requirements including aspects like posture, movement patterning along with the classical technique.

Some of the most famous Ballet are The Sleeping Beauty, Paquita and Don Quixote. These classical pieces have been loved by audiences for years! While some romantic ballet are Giselle (a story about a young peasant girl who was betrayed), La Sylphide (about sylph) or Coppélia.

Classical Ballet For Children / Kids

The Syllabi:

Beginner Levels (Primary, Grade 1-2 for age 6+) – Develop awareness of body parts, space, control, co-ordination, movement dynamics and perform expressively to depict a story.

Graded Levels (Grade 3-5 for age 9+) – Develop knowledge and understanding of the fundamental ballet technique in a range of sequences, line and spatial awareness and perform with accurate musicality combined with expression and communication.

Higher Levels (Grade 6-8 for age 11+) – Develop secure posture and correct weight placement in more complex movements, line through the body, accurate alignment and space, controlled elevation and perform with sensitive personal responsiveness to the musical mood.

Vocational Levels (Intermediate Foundation – Advanced 2 for age 12+) – Develop high level of technical proficiency and breadth of vocabulary, en pointe for females and acute sensitivity to rhythmical melody structures, texture and use of dynamic expression.

Suitable for boys and girls age 6 and above.

International Examination Board:

Royal Academy of Dance (RAD), United Kingdom – The RAD was founded in 1920 with a single purpose: to raise the standards of dance teaching in the UK. 100 years later, excellence in dance teaching is still at the heart of everything they do. Today, the RAD is a world-leading dance, education and training organisation, with dance teachers and students in 85 countries, enriching the world’s arts and cultural communities. From 3 to 93 years old, the RAD believes in the transformative power of dance to enhance health and happiness.

Foundations (Level I, II and III)

– Pre School | Nursery | Toddler Classes

Our Pre School programme named; Foundation in Dance 1, 2 and 3 courses enhance physical development and stimulate creativity in young children, using movement exploration and combined dance techniques from our three main focus: ballet, modern and jazz as the fundamental skills.

The courses are created in a way that allows young children to learn, while at the same time enjoy dance through imagery, music, story-telling and the use of various props. 

Young children will learn to have a better sense of self-esteem, body and space awareness and the ability to communicate effectively with others.

Suitable for boys and girls age 3 to 6.