For those aspiring to guide others on their dance journey, our teacher training component equips you with the pedagogical skills and knowledge needed to become an effective and inspiring dance instructor. You’ll learn class planning, class management, children psychology and understanding their needs, and teaching techniques specific to each dance style.


The Role of Dance Teachers

Effective dance teachers possess a deep understanding of their chosen dance form, as well as the ability to impart that knowledge with clarity, enthusiasm, and patience.

Pedagogical Expertise

Teacher training in dance emphasises pedagogical expertise: teaching methods, curriculum development, and classroom management. Dance educators learn how to structure lessons, adapt instruction to diverse learning styles, and provide constructive feedback to help students progress.

Technical Mastery

In addition to teaching methods, dance teacher training ensures technical mastery of the chosen dance style. This includes refining and perfecting dance techniques, understanding the history and evolution of the style, and staying current with developments in the dance world. In Elevate, our teachers are provided with ongoing training and guidance.

Safety and Injury Prevention

A vital aspect of teacher training is education on safety and injury prevention. Dance teachers learn how to create a safe and supportive environment for their students, addressing issues such as proper warm-ups, injury prevention strategies, and first aid. Not forgetting, usage of students spatial and studio space.

Artistic Expression and Choreography

Teachers are encouraged to nurture their students' artistic expression and creativity; exploring choreography and dance composition.

Continuous Learning

Teacher training in dance promotes lifelong learning. Teachers are expected to stay updated on the latest developments in dance, attend workshops and seminars locally or internationally, and continuously refine their teaching techniques.

Inspiration and Motivation

Great dance teachers inspire and motivate their students. They instill a love for dance and a sense of discipline, dedication, and passion. Through their guidance, students are encouraged to strive for excellence both in dance and in life.

Building Confidence and Character

Dance educators often play a role in building the confidence and character. They create a nurturing and inclusive environment where students flourish not only as dancers but also as individuals.

Certified Teaching

On top of our in-house teachers training, all teachers on training are expected to complete their international teaching certification for their chosen genre with any recognised dance examinations board. We offer certification guidance with the Royal Academy of Dance UK, Imperial Society of Teachers of Dancing UK, the Commonwealth Society of Teachers of Dancing Australia, Australian Teachers of Dance, Associated Dance Arts for Professional Teachers Canada.

In conclusion, teachers training in dance is a vital process that shapes the future of the art form. It empowers individuals to become effective, knowledgeable, and inspirational mentors who guide students on their dance journeys. We want to guide our teachers not only teach dance skills but also impart life skills, fostering discipline, creativity, and a lifelong love for the art of dance.

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