Terms & Conditions

[updated 31 May 2020]

1. A registration fee of $50 is required for first time enrolment. A deposit of $100 is payable upon registration.

2. Course fees are collected on a term basis, each term consists of eleven (11) weeks of lessons. Lessons will be conducted in accordance to the stipulated calendar provided by Elevate Dance Academie (hereinafter referred to as “Elevate”). There will be no lesson(s) during Elevate Term Holidays and Gazetted Public Holidays.

3. Course fees must be paid before the start of every term. Elevate reserves the right to suspend the lesson(s) until full payment of course fees is received. If payment is not received or cheque payment is dishonoured, Elevate reserves the right to charge an administrative fee for each late or dishonoured payment. Please note that there will be no pro-rata and no refunds of all fees to be paid or paid to Elevate. Fees paid are neither refundable nor transferable.

4. Termination or transfer of class, a minimum of one (1) full calendar month advance notice must be given in writing to Elevate. For example, should the termination notice be served on 7 November, the last month of attendance with payment of course fee, is end of the term i.e. December. For private lesson(s), 24 hours cancellation notice must be given in advance. Any student(s) who terminate the lessons for more than six (6) months must re-register to resume lessons. Re-registration fee will be charged accordingly.

5. Fees are subject to revision without prior notice.

6. In any unforeseen circumstances, Elevate reserves the right to change/combine/transfer/terminate temporarily or permanently a class or teacher(s) as well as dismiss any student(s).

7. In the event a teacher is absent, and a relief teacher is unable to be provided, the class will be made up on an alternate date. There will be NO replacement of lesson(s) if students are absent or misses the lesson(s) for any reasons, or in unforeseen incidents for e.g. floods, blackouts, epidemic, pandemic or any other circumstances which are beyond the control of Elevate.

8. Elevate must be notified immediately of any changes in contact particulars, i.e. contact number, email address and home address. All correspondence and official notices shall be sent to the last known contact.

9. Enrolment in Elevate courses do not guarantee enrolment in an examination. Enrolment for examination is subject to final approval by the Principal and teaching board. The examination enrolment process is considered to be complete only upon full payment of examination fees and miscellaneous mandatory fees. All students are required to take examinations to progress to the next level. Elevate and the teacher(s) reserve the right to withdraw any student(s) who are not ready for an examination, and no refund of any fees will be made.

10. Student(s) attending lesson(s) must be well behaved and properly attired as specified by Elevate. Hair must be neatly and securely tied for all lessons; worn in a neat bun for ballet or ponytail/plait for modern/jazz/others. No street shoes, food or drinks of any kind are permitted inside the dance studios. Physical contact would be necessary in lesson(s).

11. Student(s) having influenza, SARS, COVID-19 or other contagious diseases such as measles or chickenpox are strongly advised not to attend lessons for the consideration of other students, the teachers, as well as the staff of Elevate. During the outbreak of any epidemic or pandemics, please ensure that student(s) is fit and well before turning up for lesson(s).

12. NO photography or videography are allowed during lessons, unless specified by the teacher.

13. Elevate shall be permitted to take photographs and videos of the activities of all students to be use in Elevate’s advertisements and publications such as, but not limited to display, website, school publications, newsletter, magazine, brochures and other marketing materials. Occasions when photographs and videos are taken at Elevate include, but not limited to concerts, performances, excursions, award presentations, public road show, class activities, online programmes and other special events. All images, videos and any other type of recording taken shall remain as property of Elevate.

14. Elevate is not in any way liable for any loss or damage of personal property and belongings, injury, disability or death incurred or suffered by student(s) while utilising the facility, during the lesson(s) or at any activities organised by Elevate such as, but not limited to concerts, performances, excursions, award presentations, public road show, class activities, online programmes and other special events. Student(s)/parents/guardian also acknowledges and agrees that Elevate is not in any way liable for obtaining any medical clearance from his/her own General Practitioner (GP) for the purpose of attending any of the lessons. Students must be physically fit and sufficiently prepared for all lessons/activities, with no health limitation. Please inform the teacher/Elevate should there be any medical condition to take note.

15. Elevate reserves the right to amend the Terms and Conditions without prior notice.