International Dance Examinations

Our boutique dance school provides high-quality training and international dance examinations for aspiring dancers. As an accredited member school of several prestigious professional dance teacher associations, our experienced and qualified teachers guide students through comprehensive syllabi in ballet, modern, and other genres, preparing them to take international exams and progress towards professional qualifications. Whether you are just starting out or a seasoned dancer looking to attain new credentials, our school has the training, teachers, and exam preparation you need to reach your goals.

At Elevate Dance Academie, we train the many different dance techniques and styles; with our main base and focus using the internationally recognised examination board such as the UK Royal Academy of Dance and Imperial Society of Teachers of Dancing.

Classical Ballet

The Royal Academy of Dance (RAD) is one of the world’s most prestigious classical ballet education organizations. Founded in 1920 in the United Kingdom, the RAD conducts exams in ballet which are recognized globally as a mark of achievement and excellence. Through a structured syllabus, the RAD provides a progressive framework for students to develop strong ballet technique, artistry, and grace. Exams are to have students’ progress formally assessed, received feedback, and gain internationally recognized certification. Taking RAD exams encourages self-motivation, confidence, and a sense of personal accomplishment for students.

Modern Theatre & Jazz

Elevate Dance Academie help administers students for comprehensive exams by The Imperial Society of Teachers of Dancing (ISTD) for both modern theatre and jazz dance. ISTD offers a graded syllabus and certification for students to showcase their technical ability and performance artistry. The Modern Theatre exams emphasis on body awareness, alignment, flexibility, strength, and kinetic expression. Candidates are assessed on their execution of floorwork, turns, jumps, improvisation, and choreographed sequences. The Jazz emphasize on coordination, dynamics, and developing a versatile stage presence. Students perform upbeat routines with flair and personality to display their rhythm, style, and skills. ISTD Modern Theater and Jazz exams provide an excellent benchmark for dancers to monitor their growth and receive constructive evaluation. Earning ISTD certification demonstrates a dancer’s well-rounded training and capabilities across diverse genres.


Dancer can opt to undergo The Commonwealth Society of Teachers of Dancing (CSTD) jazz dance exams that allow students to showcase their technical ability and performance style at Elevate Dance Academie. The CSTD jazz syllabus incorporates various jazz styles including Broadway, Street, and Contemporary. Exams are taken in front of an adjudicator who marks the candidate on criteria such as coordination, alignment, musicality, and presentation. Candidates perform barre work, center practice, and choreographed routines that increase in complexity through the grade levels. Advanced grades allow the dancer to incorporate their own artistic flair and interpretation. The syllabus has a strong focus on developing performance quality, stamina, and dynamic movement. CSTD jazz dance exams give students goals to strive towards and measurable recognition of their progress. Successful exam candidates gain confidence in their abilities and valuable feedback to continue refining their jazz dance skills. The CSTD offers internationally recognized jazz certification, preparing dedicated students for performance, teaching, and choreography careers.

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Contact Us Today! Our studio offers prestigious dance certifications that validate your abilities and help you stand out. Through examinations with the Royal Academy of Dance (RAD), Imperial Society of Teachers of Dancing (ISTD), and Commonwealth Society of Teachers of Dancing (CSTD), you can earn globally recognized credentials in ballet, modern, and jazz dance. Get comprehensive feedback, improve your technique, and have your hard work and progress formally acknowledged. With certifications on your resume, you’ll have an edge when applying to dance companies, colleges, and professional auditions. Don’t just practice on your own – get qualified! Contact us to learn more about our exam preparation courses and how you can earn certification through our affiliated examination boards. Invest in your future and gain credentials that will establish you as an accomplished, qualified dancer.