Our Director

Welcome to Elevate Dance Academie, where your journey into the world of dance begins. Whether you’re a new student or a current member of our dance family, we’re thrilled to have you as part of our vibrant and intimate community, where passion and creativity always take center stage.

At Elevate, we open our doors to a world of rhythm, movement, and creativity, with the mission to nurture each student to their personal best while ensuring they enjoy every moment of their dance journey. Our philosophy, encapsulated in the tagline ‘Take It Beyond The Stage,’ represents the essence of what we stand for. It’s not just a tagline but a promise. We’re here to inspire and guide you as you explore the magic of dance.

Our commitment is unwavering. We strive to guide every student towards reaching their individual peak, all within an environment that is nurturing, positive, and unbiased. We firmly believe that with the right commitment and mindset, every student can flourish and discover their true potential.

What sets us apart is a range of offerings that enrich the dance experience. We provide the expertise in the different dance genres, true to our main core value; versatility. As well as the opportunities for all students to partake in international and local dance competitions, where we’ve proudly earned numerous awards and recognition on various stages. We also offer masterclasses and workshops led by the best in the industry and, overseas exchanges to explore dance & culture worldwide. One of the highlights for most of our students is our dance concerts & external performances, where talent shines, memories are made, and the joy of dance is shared with the community.

But our commitment to excellence doesn’t stop at the stage. Education is at the core of our values. Our students balance their academic commitments while pursuing their passion for dance, achieving excellence in both areas. We support our students to excel not only in dance but in life. For those with aspirations of pursuing dance at a higher level or delving deeper into their dance studies, we provide vocational and pre-professional training. Many of our graduates have successfully balanced their dance pursuits with their careers, while others have become professional dancers or dedicated dance educators, passing on their expertise and passion to the next generation.

It’s not just about the stage; it’s about building a future for dance and the dancers. Join me, my dedicated teachers, and the entire school community. Together, we’ll elevate your passion for dance beyond the stage; where your journey as a dancer begins with open arms, supported by a rich tapestry of experience, guidance, and shared enthusiasm for the art of dance.

Lang Ley, Cheong
Artistic Director & Principal
Elevate Dance Academie