Performing Group

At Elevate Dance Academie, we believe that the stage is where dreams take flight, and every dancer deserves their moment in the spotlight. To bring this vision to life, we have created the Performing Group, an exclusive platform designed for our most talented and committed students to transform their passion into mesmerising stage performances. This platform allows them to gain exposure and experience through various stage performances, including events, roadshows, and competitions. In this Performing group program, the students are selected by their teachers to participate in a group dance to perform in competitive settings or any public dance showcases.

Benefits Of Being Part Of The Performing Group

    • Gain better stage exposure and experience and the ability to perform under stress
    • Understand the importance of teamwork and how each individual can contribute to the group
    • Develop a sense of responsibility and commitment to the group, in terms of personal effort and time
    • Gain exposure to different styles of dances, techniques, choreography and music

Who Can Join The Performing Group?

Please note that the Performing Group is an exclusive opportunity, open only to students who have been selected by our dance teachers.

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