In December 2016, our students embarked on an unforgettable dance exchange to Taipei, a journey filled with both dedication and delight. Our focus was on Vaganova technique ballet, and the classes were intense. Our legs ached, but every ounce of pain was worth it as we honed our ballet skills and technique.

But the trip was not just about ballet; we diversified our dance repertoire by taking hip-hop, MV and locking classes, adding a fresh and dynamic dimension to our dance journey. It was a thrilling experience that expanded our horizons.

Beyond the dance studio, we explored the vibrant city of Taipei, marvelling at the towering Taipei 101 and indulging in the flavours of Taiwanese street food. The rich tapestry of culture, food, and dance in Taipei made this exchange a memorable and enriching experience that we carry in our hearts to this day.

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