Jazz Dance For Kids

Modern Theatre | Jazz For Children

The Syllabi:

Graded and Higher Levels (Grade 3-6 for age 9+) – Develop technical accuracy with correct body placement, versatile range of movement, all-round strengths and abilities, sense of self-expression and creative improvisation.

Vocational Levels (Intermediate Foundation – Advanced 2 for age 12+) – Develop virtuosity in performance, awareness of audiences and self-expression, comprehensive technique in the styles of modern, jazz, lyrical, contemporary and musical theatre dance, as well as mature improvisation skills.

Suitable for boys and girls age 6 and above.

Jazz is an excellent style for children starting dance lessons. The music selections are current and recognisable, from pop songs to showtunes, which resonates with young students. Jazz dance grooves to lively rhythms that get children moving energetically. Classes work on building flexibility through stretches and across-the-floor sequences. The focus is on having fun while learning good technique. Jazz dance is highly theatrical, and students express themselves through the music. Classes allow children to improvise and add their own personality to choreography. Jazz dance costumes are bright, age-appropriate, and let kids show off the skills they learn. For students who want to perform, jazz dance provides opportunities to build confidence through recitals and competitions. Children who take jazz classes gain poise, strength, and a lifelong appreciation for dance.