Hip Hop Dance

Hip Hop is a popular and high energy freestyle dance, loved by youngster alike. It has revolved tremendously in the years creating many different new styles and moves. Dancers generally dance to various music like the hottest R&B, Pop and Hip Hop while incorporating hip hop dance techniques such isolations, waves, body rolls and high-impact moves.

There are many styles in Hip Hop such as locking, popping and breaking. Hip Hop allow dancers to move according to the pace and feel of a piece of music.

Suitable for boys and girls age 11 and above.

Singapore's Best Hip Hop Dance Classes for Open Level

Dance, an expressive art form, has widely been adopted as an avenue to foster creativity, improve physical fitness, and serve as a medium for emotional expression. Today, the genre of contemporary dance has gained immense popularity and a significant following in Singapore. Explores the allure of this dance genre and the benefits it offers, particularly through the lens of Elevate Dance Academie, a prominent dance school in Singapore.

Hip Hop Dance Classes Open Level

Our Hip Hop dance classes open level welcomes both beginners and seasoned dancers. The class focuses on the fundamentals of hip-hop dance, teaching you the essential dance steps and routines. Whether you have a passion for street dance or want to try something new, our hip-hop dance classes for beginners are perfect for you.

Dance Studio Choices for Hip Hop Lessons in Singapore

Comparison of Dance Studios in Singapore

In Singapore, there are different dance studios that offer dance classes targeting various age groups and genres, including hip-hop. At Elevate Dance Academie, we have top-notch facilities providing amazing dance programmes, each with unique dance courses.

Trial Class Experiences at Different Singapore Dance Studios

Trial classes provide a chance for beginners to experience a dance class in Singapore first-hand before committing. Most studios in Singapore offer this opportunity, and it’s a practical way to gauge if their teaching style and atmosphere suit your taste. A trial class usually includes a brief introduction to hip hop dance or street dance, depending on the studio’s focus.

Popular Studios for Hip Hop Dance Classes

We offer high standard hip hop, street dance, and even ballet classes for those interested in expanding their dance genres.

Finding the Right Hip Hop Dance Class in Singapore Checklist for Selecting a Hip Hop Dance Class

Before you commit to a dance class in Singapore, ensure you look at the instructor’s experience, class sizes, and schedules. Equally important are the dance studio’s location, the variety of dance styles offered, and customer reviews.

Class sizes and Schedules

A small class size implies a richer learning experience as students receive personalised attention from dance instructors. Schedules must be reviewed to see if they align with your free time. Both these factors can significantly influence your dance journey.

Learn About Instructors of Hip Hop Dance Classes in Singapore

A good instructor plays a massive role in a dancer’s development. They do not only teach dance moves; they also inspire and motivate students to strive for greatness. Therefore, the list of dance studios you’re considering should include those with experienced and dedicated instructors.

Getting Started: Dance Classes for Beginners in Singapore

Introductory Dance Classes in Street Dance

Street Dance, including hip hop, is a great way to start your dance journey. Most studios in Singapore provide entry-level classes for beginners, teaching the basics of this dance style.

Preparation Tips for Beginner Hip Hop Class

Before you start classes, ensure you have the right attire, including comfortable clothing and appropriate dance shoes. Do educate yourself about hip hop by watching performances and videos – it helps.

Benefits of Dance Classes for Beginners

Starting with beginner level classes offers many advantages. From improving fitness, developing rhythm, to boosting self-confidence and fostering a community spirit, the benefits are multifaceted.

Delving Deeper: Learning Different Dance Genres

Diversifying Skills with Street Jazz and Ballet Classes

As you grow as a dancer, trying out other dance genres like Street Jazz or Classical Ballet can help diversify your skills. Many dance studios in Singapore offer these various dance classes.

K-Pop Dance VS Hip Hop Dance: Comparison and Origins

K-Pop Dance and Hip-Hop are both fascinating genres, each with unique flair. While hip hop is characterized by freestyle dance, K-Pop incorporates various dance styles, including hip hop and jazz dance.

Latin Dance and Its Influence on Street Dance

Latin dance has had significant influence on street dance, including moves seen in hip-hop dance. Its sensuous movements and rhythmic footwork have added flavour to many dance styles, including hip-hop.

Undergoing Street Jazz: Singapore's Heart Beats

Street jazz, a fusion of jazz and street dance, is another dance genre gaining traction in Singapore. Dance schools like Elevate Dance Academie, offer classes in this unique dance style, providing a vibrant and energetic learning experience.

Building Your Legacy: Dance Schools in Singapore

Progression and Graduation: From Beginner to Vocational

Transitioning from being a beginner to joining a renowned dance school in Singapore like Elevate Dance Academie is a noteworthy milestone in your dance journey. It’s where your dedication will begin to pay off, and all those dance classes start making sense.

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