IYDC & ADAF / HKCCDC – Oct 2021 / Feb 2022

Congratulations to 2 of our soloist on their achievements at:

International Youth Dance Competition – 24th & 31st October 2021:
🎉 Solo Classical (age 13-16) – Bronze Medalist – Goh En Hian
🎉 Solo Classical (age 17-19) – Bronze Medalist – Liew Huilin Jamie
🎉 Solo Contemporary (age 13-16) – Bronze Medalist – Goh En Hian
🎉 Solo Contemporary (age 17-19) – Bronze Medalist – Liew Huilin Jamie

Asia Dance Arts Festival – October 2021:
🎉 Solo Classical (age 15 & above) – Bronze Award – Goh En Hian
🎉 Solo Classical (age 15 & above) – Bronze Award – Liew Huilin Jamie

Hong Kong Challenge Cup Dance Competition – February 2022:
🎉 Solo Classical (age 13-15) – Encouragement Award – Goh En Hian
🎉 Solo Classical (age 16-19) – Bronze Award – Liew Huilin Jamie
🎉 Solo Contemporary (age 13-15) – Silver Award – Goh En Hian
🎉 Solo Contemporary (age 16-19) – Gold Award – Liew Huilin Jamie

ISTD Creation – August 2021

A big Congratulations to all our students on their achievements at the ISTD Creation 2021 – an Online Choreography Competition. It’s difficult amidst this difficult times but we made it!

🎉 Solo Category (15 & Over) – Commendations – Oon Shu Qi Phylicia
🎉 Group Category – Finalist – Sparkles

Special mention & Congratulations 🥳🎉to our Principal, Ms Lang Ley Cheong for being awarded the Outstanding Teacher Award – Commendations, alongside other fabulous international dance teachers!

More photos here. Official announcement here.

COVID-19 Safe Management Measures

[updated 10 October 2021]

Additional Precautions

In addition to the announced updated Health Protocol 1-2-3, and mainly to better protect our unvaccinated young students, we are adding this precaution for now.

Please do NOT come for class if unwell or, if students or anyone from the same household tested ART/PCR positive or, HRW for a period of 7 days. Please always check with us & only return for classes after being discharged or ended the isolation period.


[updated 14 September 2021]

In-line with the government’s latest pre-emptive actions, we are pleased to inform that we will now be increasing our Rostered Routine Testing: ART test to once every 7 days to further safeguard our students & staffs.

Please do NOT come for class if unwell or if students or anyone from the same household are under Isolation Order, Health Risk Warnings (HRW), Health Risk Alerts (HRA), Quarantine Order (QA), Leave of Absence (LOA) or Stay-Home Notice (SHN).


[updated 02 September 2021]

As Singapore gradually relaxes some measures, we will now be removing temperature checks. However, all other measures such as sanitise/wash hands, Mask-ON & check-in SafeEntry TraceTogether are still compulsory in our school.

On a side note, all our teachers & administrative staffs are fully vaccinated. We have & are still implementing the ART test for our staffs every 2-weeks to keep safe; so far we’re good. Also, ALL our eligible students (>age12) are now fully vaccinated.


[updated 21 July 2021]

Please adhere to our Safe Management Measures as below:

Please exercise caution and note that all prevailing safe management measures apply:
🔺Sanitise/wash hands before & after class.
🔺Mask-on at all times. Refrain from touching face. (No face shield allowed).
🔺Maintain 1-2m safe distance. 3m in studio. Please also refrain from intermingling while waiting at the lobby.

🔹Please only arrive 5mins before class and wait at the lobby on arrival, not reception area. Please wait for the teacher/admin to allow students in.
🔹Temperature will be checked.
🔹1 student, 1 parent only.
🔹Only staff & students are allowed in school’s premises. Parents, please wait at the lobby or if crowded, at the carpark/cafe downstairs.
🔹Check-in SafeEntry TraceTogether App/token for all students and parents.
🔹Do not attend class if unwell, OR if student or any same household members are under Leave of Absence (LOA), Approved Absence (AA), Stay-Home Notice (SHN) or Quarantine Order (QO), OR is required to undergo mandatory testing due to a COVID-19 cluster or close contacts and has yet to receive the test result.
🔹Bring own water bottle & disinfecting wipes to wipe down.

🔸Foundation 1&2 classes, we understand that parents will want to watch your children due to their young age. Hence, we are allowing brief glance through the studio’s glass door after class has started, but please refrain from standing in the reception. Please also note that only 1 parent is allowed at any one time, and to take turns.

On our side: To better protect our staff and students, we are pleased to inform you that we will be participating in the Rostered Routine Testing – Fast and Easy Testing (FET) regime i.e. every 2 weeks from now.

We seek your understanding and cooperation in our Safe Management Measures against the COVID-19 fight.

Thank you.